Managing the Business of Schools

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Written by experienced consultants, this book explores the key themes surrounding the role of the School Business Manager, and offers guidance for dealing with the practical issues of the job.

Experts in the field provide practical advice on the essential technical aspects of the role, such as managing risk, managing facilities and human resources, and the book also considers strategic issues and addresses "big questions" such as the workforce remodelling agenda and extended schools.

Each chapter contains a useful summary of key points, case studies, and suggested further reading for continued study.
Senior Management Team members, school governors, school business managers, students of school business management and anyone involved in and interested in the effective management of schools will find this book an invaluable source of reference.


Section 1 - Skills and Technical Competencies
Managing Risk
Managing ICT
Facilities Management
Managing Human Resources
Office Systems Management
Financial Management
Making Sustainable Environmental Management Work in Schools
Section 2 - Thinking Strategically
Strategic Management
Managing School Improvement and Performance
Change Management
Section 3 - Reflection and Analysis
Impact In, and On, Schools
Future Developments


Iris Keating is a member of the Early Years team at Manchester Metropolitan University, and works in Continuing Professional Development and on the Best Practice Research Scholarship scheme with the Department for Education and Skills. Before joining MMU, Iris was a nursery teacher for 12 years.


'Anyone interested in the effective management of schools will find this book an invaluable source of reference' - Manager (the British Journal of Administrative Management)
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