Managing Climate Risk

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August 2008



Climate change poses a serious threat to the continuity and prosperity of organizations: serious disruption in business activities and a permanent cut in output.This important book explains how organizations can: reduce their exposure to direct threats; improve their efficiency; and learn how to gain from shifts in the way their markets operate. In a clear, informative style it explores: techniques for identifying climate risks and systems for managing them; how to prepare for contingencies caused by extreme weather changes; options for controlling emissions and improving resource efficiency; how to find alternative sources of energy and minimize waste; smarter working practices, flexible travel plans and greener buildings; and how an innovative response can strengthen the brand.


The case for action; Executive response; Managing physical risks; Emissions control; Resource efficiencies; Alternative energy sources; Product lifecycles; Smarter working practices; Transport; Greener buildings.


Adam Jolly writes regularly for many leading financial and technical journals. He is Editor of The Growing Business Handbook and co-author of The International Patents Handbook and The Pension Trustee's Investment Guide.


A"Focuses on the many choices and steps that business people will face in the coming years. Dealing with issues from managing physical risks and controlling emissions to green buildings and product lifecycles.A"The Environmentalist
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