Mammal Community Dynamics: Management and Conservation in the Coniferous Forests of Western North America

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September 2003



Emphasizing management and conservation, this book provides a synthesis of the literature on the role of forest mammals in community structure and function in the coniferous forests of western North America. In addition to coverage of some of the charismatic megafauna such as grizzly bears, gray wolves, mountain lions, elk and moose, it also includes small terrestrial mammals, arboreal rodents, bats, medium-sized carnivores, and ungulates. The unique blend of theoretical and practical concepts makes this volume equally suitable for managers, educators, and research biologists.


Foreword Jack Ward Thomas; Part I. Management and Conservation Issues for Various Taxa: 1. Introduction and historical perspective C. Zabel and R. Anthony; 2. Forests and woodlands of western North America M. Hemstrom; 3. Faunal composition and distribution of mammals in western coniferous forests T. Lawlor; 4. Habitat ecology and conservation of bats in western coniferous forests J. Hayes; 5. Ecological relationships of terrestrial small mammals in western coniferous forests J. Hallet, M. O' Connell and C. Maguire; 6. Ecology and conservation of arboreal rodents of western coniferous forests W. Smith, J. Waters, R. Anthony, N. Dodd and C. Zabel; 7. Small and mid-sized carnivores S. Buskirk and W. Zielinski; 8. Ecology, conservation and restoration of large carnivores in western N. America K. Kunkel; 9. Ungulates in western coniferous forests: habitat relationships, population dynamics and ecosystem processes J. Kie, R. Terry Bowyer and K. Stewart; Part II. Community and Ecosystem Relations: 10. Relationships among fungi and small mammals in forested ecosystems D. Luoma, J. Trappe, A. Claridge, K. Jacobs and E. Cazares; 11. Ecology of coarse woody debris and its role as habitat for mammals W. McComb; 12. The ecological role of tree-dwelling mammals in western coniferous forests K. Aubry, J. Hayes, B. Biswell and B. Marcot; 13. The role of ungulates and large predators on plants, community structure and ecosystem processes in national parks F. Singer, G. Wang, and N. Hobbs; 14. The role of the lynx-hare cycle in boreal forest community dynamics S. Boutin, C. Krebs, R. Boonstra and A. Sinclaire; 15. Association of mammals with riparian ecosystems in Pacific Northwest forests R. Anthony, A. O'Connell, M. Pollock and J. Hallet; Part III. Conservation Issues and Strategies: 16. Small mammals in a landscape mosaic: implications for conservation K. Martin and W. McComb; 17. Measuring and interpreting changes in connectivity for mammals in coniferous forests L. Scott Mills, M. Schwartz, D. Tallmon, K. Lair; 18. An evolutionary and behavioural perspective on dispersal and colonization of mammals in fragmented landscapes J. Wolff; 19. The functional diversity of mammals in coniferous forests of western North America B. Marcot and K. Aubry; 20. Synthesis and future perspective R. Anthony and C. Zabel; Index.


Cynthia Zabel is a Research Wildlife Biologist with the US Forest Service and adjunct Professor at Humboldt State University. Robert Anthony is Leader (Wildlife Program) and Professor of Wildlife Ecology with the US Geological Survey, Oregon State University.


"All mammalogists working with forest species will find the book useful. ...all biologists interested in the general functioning of conifer forests will also find the book interesting as mammals play a key role in most forest ecosystems. ...a goldmine of information of information for any graduate student working on forest mammals in North America." Ecoscience "A valuable reference for researchers and graduate level students in wildlife ecology and field biology. It is also very interesting reading for conservation minded individuals." Wildlife Activist Spring 2004
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