Making a Difference in Families: Research That Creates Change

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September 2003



This resource for social work professionals and students explores the challenges of doing research with families and the key methods used. Discussed are critical approaches to research with families, including action research, focus groups, and participant observation, with special attention paid to the vulnerable position these families are often in as clients of social services and as research subjects. Qualitative and quantitative research methods and ways researchers can involve participants in the process are explored. Detailed case studies of research in a variety of settings, and with different kinds of family situations, are provided.


Contributors v..Dedication and acknowledgements xi..Figures xii..Introduction: Making a difference - Robyn Munford and Jackie Sanders 1..1 Empowerment-based evaluation: Research and social change - Pauline Raven, Michelle Rivard, Yolande Samson and Madine VanderPlaat 15..2 Optimising the relationships between research, policy and practice: A systemic model - John Canavan, Pat Dolan and John Pinkerton 35..3 A model for Maori research: Te whakaeke i te ao rangahau o te Maori - Wheturangi Walsh-Tapiata 55..4 Disabled people and research: Putting families first - Anne Bray and Brigit Mirfin-Veitch 74..5 Action research with families/whanau and communities - Robyn Munford and Jackie Sanders with Ann Andrew, Peter Butler and Leland Ruwhiu 93..6 Clients as researchers: The benefits of strengths-based research - Di O'Neil 113..7 Mandatory social work: Research with vulnerable families - Jill Worrall and Margaret McKenzie 130..8 Strengthening practice through research: Res


Robyn Munford is Professor in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Jackie Sanders is Director of the Children, Youth and Families Research Project in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.


""The book's direct approach, and its inclusion of work from around the globe, make it widely applicable."
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