Lyotard: Philosophy, Politics and the Sublime

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Jean-Francois Lyotard, the highly influential twentieth-century philosopher of the postmodern, has had an enormous impact on the course and commitment of contemporary philosophy. "Lyotard: Philosophy, Politics, and the Sublime" is a thoroughgoing reassessment of his extraordinary legacy and contribution to contemporary cultural, political, ethical, and aesthetic theory, and an indispenable guide to key issues in his philosophy. Fifteen distinguished scholars have contributed new, original essays examining the main themes in Lyotard's work with a focus on the special intersections of philosophy, psychoanalysis, politics, and the experience of the sublime in art. The volume includes an up-to-date bibliography of works by and about Lyotard, previously unpublished photographs of Lyotard, and an incisive essay by Lyotard himself on the philosophical significance of Freud's case of Emma.


Introduction. Jean-Francois Lyotard-Between Politics and Aesthetics I.(Ex)citing Philosophy 1. Emma: Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis II Conversations and Differends 2. Conversations in Postmodern Hermeneutics 3. Lyotard, Bakhtin, and Radical Heterogeneity 4. Lyotard, Levinas, and the Phrasing of the Ethical 5. Lyotard, Gadamer and the Relation Between Ethics and Aesthetics 6. Lyotard, Nancy, and the Myth of Interruption 7. Lyotard, Frank, and the Limits of Understanding III. After Politics 8. Interrupting Lyotard: Whither the We? 9. Lyotard, Heidegger, and 'The Jews' 10. Lyotard and History Without Witnesses 11. Lyotard and 'The Forgotten' IV. Before Aesthetics 12. Postmodern Thinking of Transcendence 13 Lyotard: Before and after the Sublime 14. Lyotard, Kant and the In-Finite 15. The Suspense 16 Lyotard and the Events of the Postmodern Sublime Notes Bibliography


Hugh J. Silverman is Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Stony Brook University. He is also Executive Director of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature as well as Chief Editor of Routledge's Continental Philosophy series.


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