Long-Distance Anaphora

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September 1991



There are a number of persistent anomalies in binding theory. One is the lack of an integrated view of long distance anaphora. Anaphors generally require an antecedent, but languages have been found to show striking differences as to where such antecedents may occur. This volume is a collection of original articles by distinguished contributors on the nature of anaphoric systems in a wide variety of genetically and structurally different languages, and examines the general laws underlying the apparent diversity of data from the perspective of current linguistic theory. There is a surprising degree of convergence in the analyses proposed. A substantive introduction summarizes and discusses the main results, providing an integrative picture of individual and common results.


1. Long distance anaphora: an overview Eric Reuland and Jan Koster; 2. Containment and connectedness anaphors Lars Hellan; 3. Long distance reflexives and the typology of NPs Hoskulder Thrainsson; 4. Contextual determination of the anaphor/pronominal distinction Martin Eaveraert; 5. On the interaction between antecedent government and binding: the case of long distance reflexivization Pierre Pica; 6. Binding in Polish Ewa Reinders-Machowska; 7. Anaphors in binary trees: an analysis of Czech reflexives Jindrick Toman; 8. Latin long distance anaphora Elena Benedicto; 9. Prepositions, binding and theta-marking Allessandra Giorgi; 10. Locality, parameters and some issues in Italian syntax Rita Manzini; 11. Long distance binding in Finnish Marlies Van Steenbergen; 12. The primacy condition on anaphors and pronominal variable binding E. Kiss Katalin; 13. On the local nature of the long distance reflexive in Chinese C. T. James Huang and C. C. Jane Tang; 14. Anaphors and logophors: an argument structure perspective Tanya Reinhart and Eric Reuland.
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