Londinopolis: Essays in the Cultural and Social History of Early Modern London C. 1500- C.1750

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Events such as the Fire of London and the Plague, and historic locations like the Globe Theatre, are part of London's heritage. Yet until recently, the history of the city between 1500 and 1750 has been little studied. During this period, London's population soared from around 50,000 to nearly half a million--the demographic explosion transformed the city to a metropolis. London became a center of new social and sexual identities and a solvent of older, more hierarchical forms of social organization. The essays in this volume cover the themes of polis and the police, gender and sexuality, space and place, and material culture and consumption. Within these themes are thieves, prostitutes, litigious wives, the poor, disease, “great quantities of gooseberry pye,” and the taxing question of fresh water.


Preface Abbreviations List of tables and figures Introduction 1. Ian Archer 'Popular politics in 16th and early 17th century London' 2. Michael Berlin, 'Reordering ritual: the parish and ceremony in London, 1520-1640' 3. Tim Wales, 'Thief-takers and their clients in London, c.1670-1720' 4. Faramerz Dabhoiwala, 'The pattern of sexual immorality in seventeenth and eigthteenth-century London' 5. Maragret R. Hunt, 'London wives and marital 'rights' in the Court of Exchequer in the early eighteenth century' 6. Laura Gowing, '"The freedom of the streets": women and social space in London, 1560-1640' 7. Margaret Pelling, 'Skirting the city? Disease, social change and divided huoseholds in the seventeenth-century metropolis' 8. Paul Griffiths, '"Uniformity" in the Goldsmiths' Row: visualizing order in early Stuart Cheapside' 9. Jeremy Boulton, 'The poor among the rich: a long-term view of pauperism in London's West End' 10. Sara Pennell, '"Great quantities of gooseberry pye and baked clod of beef": victualling and eating out in early modern London' 11. Mark Jenner, 'From conduit community to commercial network? Water in London, 1500-1725'


Paul Griffiths is Professor of British History, Iowa State University. Mark S. R. Jenner is Lecturer in History at the University of York


."..a charming and informative set of essays...""- Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance"
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