Lives in Translation

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Mai 2009



Many writers work in a language other than their mother tongue. In this collection, writers explore the role that bilingualism has played in their creative lives and their sense of self. Contributors include Anita Desai, Ariel Dorfman, Eva Hoffman, Nuala Ni Dhomnail, Ilan Stavans, Assia Djebar and Yoko Tawanda.


Various Lives; A.Desai Writing on the Language of the Other; A.Djebar The Wandering Bigamists of Language; A.Dorfman The Im/Possibility of Life-Writing in Two Languages; S.Geok, l.Lim & E.Hoffman The Mask and the Pen; N.Huston Bilingualism, Writing, and the Feeling of Not Quite Being There; S.Malloy Linguistic Ecology: Preventing a Great Loss; N.N. Dhomnail To Write and Eye Words; J.F.A.Oliver Arabic: The Silenced Father-Tongue; L.Sebbar The Drowned Library (Personal Reflections on Found, Lost, and Translated Books and Languages); A.Shammas My Love Affair with Spanglish; I.Stavans Writing in the Web of Words; Y.Tawada Memoirs of a Bilingual Daughter; Courtivron


Anita Desai
Assia Djebar
Ariel Dorfman
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Eva hoffman
Nancy Huston
Sylvia Malloy
Nuala Ni Dhomnail
José F.A. Oliver
LeIla Sebbar
Anton Shammas
Ilan Stavans
Yoko Tawada
Isabelle de Courtivron


'Fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in or first-hand experience with bi- or multilingulism'
-Gunilla Anderman, Comparative Literature Studies
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Untertitel: Bilingual Writers on Identity and Creativity. biography. Sprache: Englisch.
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