Lists to Live by: For Everything That Really Matters

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This treasury of to-the-point inspiration - two hundred lists - is loaded with invaluable insights for wives, husbands, kids, teens, friends, and more. These wide-ranging ideas can change your life.


Alice Gray is an inspirational conference speaker and the creator and compiler of the bestselling Stories for the Heart book series, with over 5 million in print. She and her husband, Al, live in Arizona. Dr. Steve Stephens Dr. Steve Stephens is a licensed psychologist, marriage and family therapist, seminar speaker, and author. Dr. Stephens is the author of twenty books, with over one million copies sold, including the Lists to Live By series, "The Worn Out Woman, The Walk Out Woman," and "21 Surprisingly Simple Steps to a Great Life. "He lives with his wife, Tami, and three children in Oregon. Pam Vredevelt Pam Vredevelt is a licensed professional counselor, popular inspirational speaker, and bestselling author of the Espresso for a Woman's Spirit series, "Angel Behind the Rocking John Van Diest a book publisher for more than thirty years, has played a key role in expanding Christian publishing around the globe. He is the co-compiler of the best selling List to Live By series and the co-author of Secrets God Kept. John lives with his wife, Pat, in Oregon
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