Liber Eliensis: A History of the Isle of Ely from the Seventh Century to the Twelfth, Compiled by a Monk of Ely in the Twelfth Century

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Presents an English translation of 12th-century history of Ely from its foundation, including the Danish sack, "Hereward's resistance to the Normans", and the repercussions of Becket's martyrdom.


Janet Fairweather is a member of the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge.


This translation will be a godsend to historians who do not want to become Latinists in order to use this source. MEDIEVAL REVIEWThese accounts give us important information about Anglo-Saxon Ely and its commemoration. THE YEAR'S WORK IN ENGLISH STUDIESAn immensely welcome translation of a text of great interest to Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman historians. (...)In addition to the skilled and devoted translator, the publishers are to be congratulated on one of their most valuable recent publications. EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPEA rich mixture of transcriptions from saints' lives, accounts of miracles, chronicles and archives, it is a wonderful source of information, not only about Ely, but.about the life of all great medieval religious institutions, and an insight into the medieval mind. HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW
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