Legacy of the Great War: Ninety Years on

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American society did not suffer the consequences of the Great War that virtually all European countries knew - a lack of perspective that the World War I Museum seeks to correct. This book celebrates that effort, helping readers feel the excitement and the moral seriousness of historical scholarship in this field.


Foreword by Sir John Keegan; Introduction. Approaching the History of the Great War: A User's Guide by Jay Winter; War Origins by Niall Ferguson and Paul Kennedy; Waging Total War: Learning Curve or Bleeding Curve? by Holger Afflerbach and Gary Sheffield; The Soldiers' War: Coercion or Consent? by John Horne and Len Smith; Ending the Great War: The Peace that Failed? by John Milton Cooper and Margaret Macmillan; The Great War: Midwife to Modern Memory? by Jay Winter and Robert Wohl; Epilogue by Hew Strachan.


Jay Winter is Professor of History at Yale University and author or editor of many books, the most recent being Remembering War: The Great War Between Memory and History in the Twentieth Century. He lives in Guilford, Connecticut.
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