Law, Anthropology, and the Constitution of the Social: Making Persons and Things

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Dezember 2008



The product of a collaboration between leading theorists in law and anthropology, this book develops an innovative analysis of legal practices. Specifically, it focuses on how law constructs persons and things, and develops new approaches to the question of ownership. These approaches are of particular value in understanding the cultural impact of biotechnology. At the same time, they illuminate the history of Western law, and develop thought-provoking comparisons between Western law and Islamic law.


Notes on contributors; 1. Introduction: the fabrication of persons and things Alain Pottage; 2. Res Religiosae: on the categories of religion and commerce in Roman law Yan Thomas; 3. Scientific objects and legal objectivity Bruno Latour; 4. Legal fabrications and the case of 'cultural property' Tim Murphy; 5. Ownership or office? A debate in Islamic Hanafite jurisprudence over the nature of the military 'fief', from the Mamluks to the Ottomans Martha Mundy; 6. Gedik: a bundle of rights and obligations for Istanbul artisans and traders, 1750-1840 Engin Deniz Akarli; 7. Losing (out on) intellectual resources Marilyn Strathern; 8. Re-visualising attachment: an anthropological perspective on persons and property forms Susanne Kuchler; 9. Our original inheritance Alain Pottage; Bibliography; Index.


Alain Pottage is reader in Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Martha Mundy is reader in Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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