Latin America

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April 1998



The Cambridge History of Latin America is a large scale, collaborative, multi-volume history of Latin America spanning the five hundred years between the late fifteenth century and the present. Latin America: Economy and Society since 1930 brings together chapters from Parts 1 and 2 of Volume VI of The Cambridge History to provide a complete survey of the Latin American economies since 1930. This will be useful for both teachers and students of Latin American history and of contemporary Latin America.


Preface; Part I. Population: 1. The population of Latin America, 1930-90; Part II. Economy: 2. The Latin American economies, 1929-39; 3. The Latin American economies, 1939-c.1950; 4. The Latin American economies, 1950-90; Part III. Economy and Society: 5. Urban social structures in Latin America, 1930-90; 6. The agrarian structures of Latin America, 1930-90; Part IV. State, Economy and Society: 7. State organisation in Latin America since 1930; Bibliographical essays; Index.


'The best collaborative history of the region currently available, or likely to be available for a long time to come.' The Times Literary Supplement
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