Landscape Theory

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Artistic representations of landscape are studied widely in areas ranging from art history to geography to sociology, yet there has been little consensus about how to understand the relationship between landscape and art. This book brings together more than fifty scholars from these multiple disciplines to establish new ways of thinking about landscape in art.


Series Preface Section 1: Introduction Elusive Landscapes and Shifting Grounds, Rachel DeLue Section 2: Starting Points 1. Introduction to Social Formation and Symbolic Landscape, Denis Cosgrove 2. One With Nature: Landscape, Language, Empathy, and Imagination, Anne Whiston, Sprin 3. Writing Moods, James Elkins Section 3: The Art Seminar Participants: Yvonne Scott, Minna Torma, Denis Cosgrove, Rebecca Solnit, Anne Whiston Spirn, David Hays, Michael Gaudio, Jacob Wamberg, Michael Newman, and Jessica Dubow. Section Four: Assessments Kenneth R. Olwig, Maunu Hayrynen, Jill Casid, Dianne Harris, Jennifer Jane Marshall, Robin Kelsey, Malcolm Andrews, Blaise Drummond, Hanna Johansson, Annika Waenerberg, Stephen Daniels, Dana Leibsohn, Yvonne Scott, Martin Powers, Jerome Silbergeld, Michele Baridon, David E. Nye, and Robert R. Riley. Section Five: Afterwords Afterword, Allan Wallach. Blindness and Insights, Elizabeth Helsinger. Notes on Contributors Index


James Elkins is E.C. Chadbourne Chair in the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is general series editor of "The Art Seminar." His many books include Pictures and Tears, How to Use Your Eyes, What Painting Is and, most recently, The Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art and Master Narratives and Their Discontents, all published by Routledge. Rachel DeLue is Assistant Professor of Art History at Princeton University. She is author of George Inness and the Science of Landscape (University of Chicago Press, 2004).
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