Landscape: Politics and Perspectives

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Dezember 1993



This book is about the complexity and power of landscape. The authors - geographers, anthropologists and archaeologists - explore landscape as something subjective that alters through time and space and that is created by people through their experience and contact with the world around them.


Contents: Introduction - B. Bender, Landscape: Meaning and Action -J. Thomas, The Politics of Vision and the Archaeologies of Landscape - C. Tilley, Art, Architecture, Landscape [Neolithic Sweden] - S. Kuechler, Landscape as Memory: The Mapping of Process and its Representation in a Melanesian Society - N. Jarman, Intersecting Belfast - F. Edholm, The view from Below: Paris in the 1880s - B. Bodenhorn, Gendered Spaces, Public Places: Public and Private Revisited on the North Slope of Alaska - H. Morphy, Colonialism, History and the Construction of Place: The Politics of Landscape in Northern Australia - B. Bender, Stonehenge: Contested Landscapes [Medieval to Present Day] - D. Cosgrove, Landscapes and Myths, Gods and Humans - K. Olwig, Sexual Cosmology: Nation and Landscape at the Conceptual Interstices of Nature and Culture. Or What Does Landscape Really Mean?


Barbara Bender Professor in Heritage Anthropology,University College London


'A welcome contribution to the study of landscape, especially ... the consideration of its cosmological dimension.'Urban Studies' excellent selection of stimulating, well-written papers, which clarify the political dimensions of landscape. The embeddedness of the political, the cognitive and the ideological in past and present landscapes,,,is made crystal clear, with little heavy polemic, by the case studies presented. ...a refreshing book, a guidebook for a tour of wider horizons; it should be on every landscape student's bookshelf.'Landscape History'...the rather eccentric but very exciting collection of 10 papers...Why are landscapes so important to humans at all? These are some of the thought-provoking questions that run through the book, although each author addresses them in different ways.'Antiquity'...a rich and stimulating book. It appears at an opportune moment...will stimulate further reflectionand assist the developing debate in a positive fashion.'Ecumene
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