Land Use Law for Sustainable Development

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This 2007 book surveys the global experience in implementing land-use policies to move towards sustainable development.


Acknowledgements; Message; Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction by editors (including some comments from Professor Charles Okidi); 2. Distinguished lectures; Part II. International Issues and Legal Responses to Sustainable Land Management: 3. Is conservation a viable land usage? Issues surrounding the sale of ivory by Southern African countries in 2004; 4. Land use and climate change in Africa; 5. Climate change adaptation and mitigation: exploring the role of land reforms in Africa; 6. The integration of landscape into land use planning policy in relation to the new European landscape convention; 7. EIA legislation and the importance of transboundary application; Part III. National Approaches to Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development: A. Africa: 8. Community rights to genetic resources and their knowledge: African and Ethiopian perspectives; 9. Easements and wildlife conservation in Kenya; 10. Land tenure, land use and sustainable environmental management in Kenya: towards innovative property rights in wildlife management; 11. The development of environmental law and its impact on sustainable use of wetlands in Uganda; 12. EIA and the four Ps: some observations from South Africa; 13. From bureaucratic-controlled to stakeholders-driven urban planning and management: experiences and challenges of environmental planning and management in Tanzania; 14. Cooperative environmental governance in developing countries: some perspectives on the integration of environmental authorisations in South Africa; 15. Environmental law and sustainable land use in Nigeria; 16. The role of administrative dispute resolution institutions and processes in sustainable land use management: the case of the national environment tribunal and the public complaints committee of Kenya; 17. Managing the environmental impact of refugees in Kenya: the role of national accountability and environmental law; 18. Environmental Impact Assessment Law and land use: a comparative analysis of recent trends in the Nigerian and US oil and gas industry; 19. Managing land use and environmental conflicts in Cameroon; B. Asia: 20. Environmental law reform to control land degradation in the People's Republic of China: a view of the legal framework of the GEF-PRC partnership program; 21. Urbanization and Environmental challenges in Pakistan; 22. Land stewardship and the law: the ASEAN Heritage Parks and transboundary biodiversity conservation; 23. Land-use planning, environmental management and the garden city as an urban development approach in Singapore; 24. The law and preparation of environmental management plans for sustainable development in Thailand; 25. Nepal's legal initiatives on land use for sustainable development; C. Australia: 26. Environmental law and irrigated land in Australia; 27. Environmental impact assessment: addressing the major weaknesses; D. Latin America: 28. Protection of natural spaces in Brazilian environmental law; 29. Land use planning in Mexico: as framed by social development and environmental policies; 30. Argentina's constitution and general environment law as the framework for comprehensive land use regulation; E. North America: 31. Economic incentives to promote land stewardship; 32. The 2004 US Ocean Report and its implications for land use reform to improve ocean water quality; 33. Historical overview of the American land system: a diagnostic approach to evaluating governmental land use control; 34. Human settlement priorities: missing legal elements in sustainable development.
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