Korea at the Center: Dynamics of Regionalism in Northeast Asia: Dynamics of Regionalism in Northeast Asia

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Illuminating the role of the Korean peninsula in three modern historical periods, this volume offers a fresh appraisal of Korea as the key to the coalescence of a broad, open Northeast Asian regionalism in the twenty-fifth century.


Preface and Acknowledgments, Stephen Kotkin; Introduction, Gilbert Rozman;
Part I. Competing Visions of Regional Order: Late Nineteenth/Early Twentieth Centuries;
1. Korea in Japanese Visions of Regional Order, Takashi Inoguchi;
2. Russian Views of Korea, China, and the Regional Order in Northeast Asia, Alexander Lukin;
3. Civilization, Race, or Nation? Korean Visions of Regional Order in the Late Nineteenth Century, Hahm Chaibong;
4. Trade, Dependency, and Colonialism: Foreign Trade and Korea's Regional Integration, 1876-1910, Kirk W. Larsen;
Part II. Competing Regional Orders: Colonialism, the Cold War, and Their Legacies;
5. From Japanese Imperium to American Hegemony: Korean-Centrism and the Transformation of the International System, Bruce Cumings;
6. Japanese Colonial Infrastructure in Northeast Asia: Realities, Fantasies, Legacies, Daqing Yang;
7. A Socialist Regional Order in Northeast Asia After World War II, Stephen Kotkin and Charles K. Armstrong;
8. Japan's Asian Regionalism and South Korea, Chung-in Moon and Seung-won Suh;
Part III. Toward a Broad Regionalism?;
9. Regionalism Northeast Asia: Korea's Return to Center Stage, Gilbert Rozman;
10. Inter-Korean Relations in Northeast Asian Geopolitics, Samuel S. Kim;
11. Japan's Multilevel Approach Toward the Korean Peninsula After the Cold War, Tsuneo Akaha;
12. Korea and China in Northeast Asia: From Stable Bifurcation to Complicated Interdependence, Jae Ho Chung;
13. Korea in Russia's Post-Cold War Regional Political Context, Evgeny P. Bazhanov;
14. Environmental Regime-Building in Northeast Asia: Korea's Pursuit of Leadership, Shin-wha Lee;
15. The Korean Wave: Transnational Cultural Flows in Northeast Asia, Jung-Sun Park; Epilogue: Korea, Northeast Asia, and the Long Twentieth Century, Charles K. Armstrong; Notes; * About the Editors and Contributors; * Index.
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