Kleinian Groups and Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds: Proceedings of the Warwick Workshop, September 11 14, 2001

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November 2003



Including presentations by field authorities describing the state of current research, a workshop was held on Kleinian groups and hyperbolic 3-manifolds in September 2001. This volume includes a selection of workshop contributions representative of its extremely high standards. Beginning graduate students will find them inspiring, and established researchers will discover reliable references to current research.


Part I. Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds: 1. Combinatorial and geometrical aspects of hyperbolic 3-manifolds Y. Minsky; 2. Harmonic deformations of hyperbolic 3-manifolds C. D. Hodgson and S. P. Kerchoff; 3. Cone-manifolds and the density conjecture J. F. Brock and K. W. Bromberg; 4. Les geodesiques fermes d'une variete hyperbolique en tant que noeuds J.-P. Otal; 5. Ending laminations in the Masur domain G. Kleineidam and J. Souto; 6. Quasi-arcs in the limit set of a singly degenerate group with bounded geometry H. Miyachi; 7. On hyperbolic and spherical volumes for knot and link cone-manifolds A. D. Mednykh; 8. Remarks on the curve complex: classification of surface homeomorphisms W. J. Harvey; Part II. Once-punctured tori: 9. On pairs of once-punctured tori T. Jorgensen; 10. Comparing two convex hull constructions for cusped hyperbolic manifolds H. Akiyoshi and M. Sakuma; 11. Jorgensen's picture of punctured torus groups and its refinement H. Akiyoshi, M. Sakuma, M. Wada and Y. Yamashita; 12. Tetrahedral decompositions of punctured torus bundles J. R. Parker; 13. On the boundary of the Earle slice for punctured torus groups Y. Komori; Part III. Related Topics: 14. Variations on a theme of Horowitz J. W. Anderson; 15. Complex angle scattering D. B. A. Epstein, A. Marden and V. Markovic; 16. Schwarz's lemma and the Kobayashi and Caratheodory pseudometrics on complex Banach manifolds C. J. Earle, L. A. Harris, J. H. Hubbard and S. Mitra.
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