Justice in Immigration

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Oktober 2007



An interdisciplinary study of the fundamental normative issues underpinning immigration policy.


List of contributors; 1. Immigration, welfare and justice Joseph H. Carens; 2. Citizenship, the demands of justice and the moral relevance of political borders Jules L. Coleman and Sarah K. Harding; 3. A two-country parable James M. Buchanan; 4. Immigration, identity and justice Jean Hampton; 5. Immigration, justice and culture Stephen R. Perry; 6. Fear and loathing at the border Louis Michael Seidman; 7. Immigration policy in liberal political theory Mark Tushnet; 8. The welfare economics of immigration law: a theoretical survey with an analysis of US policy Alan O. Sykes; 9. Just borders: normative economics and immigration law Gillian K. Hadfield; 10. Some caveats on the welfare economics of immigration law Susan B. Vroman; 11. The case for a liberal immigration policy Michael J. Trebilcock.


"This is an excellent collection of essays on the moral dimensions of immigration policy and the significance of national boundaries." James W. Nickel, Philosophy in Review
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