Jesus and the Politics of His Day

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Dezember 2002



This collection - which has established itself since publication as one of the best surveys of the subject - investigates issues of great importance to our knowledge of Jesus in its balanced appraisal of his contact with the armed resistance movement of his day.


Abbreviations; Foreword; 1. The Zealots and Jesus J. P. M. Sweet; 2. The revolution theory from Reimarus to Brandon E. Bammel; 3. The date and character of Mark F. F. Bruce; 4. Some observations on Tendenzkritik C. F. D. Moule; 5. Argumentum e silentio G. M. Styler; 6. The poor and the Zealots E. Bammel; 7. The opposition between Jesus and Judaism Helmut Merkel; 8. Judaeo-Christianity and the Jewish establishment, A.D. 33-66 B. Reicke; 9. A.D. 70 in Christian reflection G. W. H. Lampe; 10. The trial of Jesus in the Acta Pilati G. W. H. Lampe; 11. Christ as brigand in ancient anti-Christian polemic William Horbury; 12. Jesus as a political agent in a version of the Josippon E. Bammel; 13. The feeding of the multitude E. Bammel; 14. The coin of 'Render unto Caesar ...' H. St J. Hart; 15. Render to Caesar F. F. Bruce; 16. The Temple tax William Horbury; 17.'Not peace but a sword': Matt. 10:34ff; Luke 12:51ff Matthew Black; 18. The decision of the Supreme Court to put Jesus to death in its context: tradition and redaction in the Gospel of John Walter Grundmann; 19. The 'triumphal' entry David R. Catchpole; 20. The two swords G. W. H. Lampe; 21. The titulus E. Bammel; 22. Biblical criticism criticised: with reference to the Markan report of Jesus's examination before the Sanhedrin K. Schubert; 23. The political charge against Jesus Gerhard Schneider; 24. The trial before Pilate E. Bammel; 25. 'His witness is true': a test of the Johannine claim John A. T. Robinson; Index of authors; Index of references.


'[An] impressive and timely collection of studies.' Pacific Theological Review 'This is an interesting, well-researched book that should be of interest to historians, New Testament scholars, and anyone interested in the political and theological activities of the first century of the Christian era.' Church History 'The essays will be of value to scholars concerned with the question of Jesus' involvement in the politics of his day. The book would make a useful reference work for topics related to Jesus and first-century Palestinian politics.' Religious Studies Review 'This is a book which no one will read without learning things that are new to him, in the history of the interpretation of the New Testament, in the Jewish background of the story of Jesus, and in the legal and juridical administration of the Roman provinces. It is full of information on a wide variety of topics.' C. K. Barrett, New Blackfriars
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