Java Gems: Jewels from Java Report

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Covers today's most important aspects of Java development.


Introduction: Java Report in review; Part I. INTRODUCTION TO JAVA: 1. Believing the hype Arthur van Hoff; 2. Assessing the Java security layers Joel Scotkin; Part II. LANGUAGE FEATURES: 3. Multitasking in Java Barry Boone; 4. Design and modeling opportunities in Java Desmond D'Souza; 5. Java goes international Rex Jaeschke; Part III. Java vs C++: 6. Java and C++: a critical comparison Robert C. Martin; 7. C++ vs. Java software development Barry Boone; Part IV. AWT: 8. Answering frequently asked AWT questions David Geary; 9. Life span of an applet Henry Wong; Part V. Patterns: 10. Applying design patterns in Java Erich Gamma; 11. Patterns and Java class libraries Iseult White; 12. Singleton Dwight Deugo and Allen Benson; Part VI. Techniques: 13. How to drag and drop images Jeremy Sevareid; 14. Exception handling: more than just an add-on feature Henry Wong; 15. Tapping the power of JavaScript Steven W. Disbrow; Part VII. DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING: 16. Distributed business applications using Java: an implementation framework Radha Bandarpalle and Raj Ratnakar; 17. The library Adam Freeman and Darrel Ince; Part VIII. Persistence: 18. Making Java objects persistent O'Brien; 19. StoreTable: a Java class for simple object persistence Robert Howard; Part IX. Lessons Learned: 20. Upgrading your Web site to Java: the first step Lowell Kaplan; 21. Java training without getting soaked David Moskowitz.


'Each of the articles is what we would expect from a Java Report article. Clearly written, a good grasp of the subject from the authors ... all written for serious Java developers, for all of us folks who are really developing Java applications ... if you have been writing Java applications for a while, and you want some more background information about Java or to learn specific techniques, this is a good book which I can recommend.' Hubert Klein Ikkink, Developers Review
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