Israel at the Polls 1999: Israel: The First Hundred Years, Volume III

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The 1999 Israeli elections focused on the character of the main political contenders for prime minister - Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Along with Barak's victory, the Israeli public made important statements concerning the shape and direction of Israeli political culture with a hope of a centrist vision. Leading Israeli political scientists discuss the revival of the Israeli left and the increased strength of ethnic Sephardi, Russian and Arab electorates. They also examine the place of foreign policy, media, and other socio-economic factors on the outcome of the election.


Introduction - elections 1999 - the interplay between character, political culture and centrism, Daniel J. Elazar and M. Ben Mollov. Part 1 The parties: the Israeli left in the 1999 elections, Giora Goldberg; the downfall of the national camp?, Ami Pedahzur; the Shas phenomenon and religious parties in the 1999 elections, Etta Bick; Israeli "Russian" parties and the new immigrant vote, Vladimir Khanin; the centre party, Efraim Torgovnik; the Arab vote in the Israeli elections - the bid for leadership, Hillel Frisch. Part 2 Factors and processes: foreign policy in the 1999 Israeli elections, Gerald M. Steinberg; external factors in Israel's 1999 elections, Barry Rubin; the media campaign - the shift to alternative media, Eytan Gilboa and Yaron Katz; la bell(e) epoque? a comparison of party platform and television propaganda ideology in the 1999 Israeli elections, Atara Frenkel-Faran and Sam Lehman-Wilzig; polls, opinions and political decisions - an information theory view of the 1999 elections, Dov Te'eni et al; economics and the 1999 elections, Manfred Gerstenfeld; women in the 1999 elections, still a glass ceiling?, Yael Yishai.
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