Islamic Family Law in a Changing World: A Global Resource Book

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August 2002



An-Na'im explores how the practice of the Shari'a, commonly known as Islamic family law is often modified by theological differences of interpretation, a country's particular customary practices, and state policy, and law.


Preface INTRODUCTION: SHARI'A AND ISLAMIC FAMILY LAW: TRANSITION AND TRANSFORMATION Historical Overview of Shari'a and its Application Transition into the Modern Era Towards Transformation of the Basis of Family Law PART 1: SOCIAL, CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL CONTEXT Central Asia and the Caucasus East And Central Africa Horn of Africa Middle East North Africa Southern Africa South Asia Southeast Asia West Africa PART 2: COUNTRY LEGAL PROFILES Kenya Tanzania Ethiopia Somalia Sudan Bahrain Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria United Arab Emirates Yemen Algeria Egypt Libya Morocco Tunisia Bangladesh India Maldives Pakistan Sri Lanka Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore Gambia Ghana Nigeria Senegal Glossary, Index


Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im is Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law at Emory University, Georgia, USA. He was born in the Sudan and his scholarly career has included appointments in North African, Canadian and US universities. He has written extensively on human rights issues from a cross-cultural perspective.

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