International Theory: Positivism and Beyond

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Oktober 2009



Key figures who have made leading contributions to the development of international theory provide a major survey of the state of the subject.


Introduction Steve Smith, Ken Booth, and Marysia Zalewski; Part I. Debates: 1. Positivism and beyond Steve Smith; Part II. Legacies: 2. The timeless wisdom of realism? Barry Buzan; 3. The growing relevance of pluralism? Richard Little; 4. The interstate structure of the modern world system Immanuel Wallerstein; 5. The accomplishments of international political theory Stephen Krasner; 6. The continued significance of positivism Michael Nicholson; Part III. Silences: 7. The rise and fall of the inter-paradigm debate Ole Weaver; 8. Margins, silences and bottom rungs: how to overcome the underestimation of power in the study of international relations Cynthia Enloe; 9. Is there a classical international theory? Robert Jackson; Part IV. Openings: 10. Authoritarian and liberal militarism: a contribution from comparative and historical sociology Michael Mann; 11. The achievements of post-structuralism Richard Ashley; 12. The contributions of feminist theories to international relations Christine Sylvester; 13. The achievements of critical theory Andrew Linklater; Part V. Directions: 14. The last post? Martin Hollis; 15. Probing puzzles persistently: a desirable but improbable future for IR theory James Rosenau; 16. The future of international relations: fears and hopes Fred Halliday; 17. Seventy-five years on: rewriting the subject's past - reinventing its future Ken Booth; 18. 'All these theories yet the bodies keep piling up': theory, theorists, theorising Marysia Zalewski.


'This book is a major attack on the conventional ways in which international relations theory is conceived. International in scope and broad in its perspectives, this volume is an education in and of itself. More importantly, it will be an eye opener for those who see IR theory as essentially a debate between neorealists and neoliberals. The discourse in IR theory is much broader and indeed more profound than that. Highly recommended for scholars and students alike.' John A. Vasquez, Vanderbilt University 'This excellent collection, which will no doubt be essential reading for postgraduates, should also be read by anyone interested in the future of international relations.' Richard Devetak, International Affairs
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