International Journal of Behavioral Development, Volume 29: Special Issue Dyadic and Group Perspectives on Close Relationships, Number 2

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Mai 2005



The papers in this special issue apply two recent data analytic techniques to the study of family and close peer relationships. The Actor-Partner Interdependent Model incorporates the perspectives of both participants in a dyad into analyses that describe shared and unique views of the relationship. The Social Relations Model incorporates the perspectives of all members of a group into analyses that ascribe views unique to individuals and relationships, and views shared by the entire group. Developmental applications of techniques originally designed for concurrent interdependent data are described.


B. Laursen, Dyadic and group perspectives on close relationships. W.L. Cook, D.A. Kenny, The actor-partner interdependence model: A model of bidirectional effects in developmental studies. H. Ross, N. Stein, T. Trabasso, E. Woody, M. Ross, The quality of family relationships within and across generations: A social relations analysis. J.L. Martin, H.S. Ross, Sibling aggression: Sex differences and parents' reactions. S.J.T. Branje, C.F.M. van Lieshout, M.A.G. van Aken, Relations between agreeableness and perceived support in family relationships: Why nice people are not always supportive. R.E. Adams, W.M. Bukowski, Stability of aggression during early adolescence as moderated by reciprocated friendship status and friend's aggression. W.J. Burk, B. Laursen, Adolescent perceptions of friendship and their associations with individual adjustment. N.A. Card, E.V.E. Hodges, T.D. Little, P.H. Hawley, Gender effects in peer nominations for aggression and social status. A.H.N. Cillessen, X.L. Jiang, D.K. Laszkowski, T.V. West, Predictors of dyadic friendship quality in adolescence. T.D. Little, N.A. Card, On the use of social relations and actor-partner interdependence models in developmental research.
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