International Handbook of Intelligence

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This first international handbook of intelligence ever published provides a truly international perspective on the nature of intelligence. It covers intelligence theory, research, and practice from all over the globe. Areas include Great Britain, Australia, French-speaking countries, German-speaking countries, Spanish-speaking countries, India, Japan, Israel, Turkey, and China. The authors, internationally recognized experts in the field of intelligence, represent not just their own viewpoint, but rather, the full variety of viewpoints indigenous to the area about which they write. Each chapter deals with definitions and theories of intelligence, history of research, current research, assessment techniques, and comparison across geographical regions for the area under discussion. An intergrative final chapter synthesizes the diverse international viewpoints.


Preface Robert J. Sternberg; 1. Intelligence research and assessment in the United Kingdom Ian Deary and Pauline Smith; 2. Intelligence - theory, research, and testing in Scandinavia Berit Carlstedt, Jan-Eric Gustafsson and Jarrlo Hautamaki; 3. The psychology of human intelligence in Spain Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros and Roberto Colom; 4. Psychology of human intelligence in France and French-speaking Switzerland Jacques Lautrey and Anik de Ribaupierre; 5. Research on intelligence in German-speaking countries Shu-Chen Li and Ute Kunzmann; 6. Is it possible to study intelligence without using the concept of intelligence? An example from Soviet/Russian psychology Elena Grigorenko; 7. Intelligence theory, assessment, and research: the Israeli experience Moshe Zeidner, Gerald Matthews and Richard D. Roberts; 8. Intelligence and intelligence testing in Turkey Sami Gulgoz and Cigdem Kagitcibasi; 9. Intelligence: what is indigenous to India and what is shared? Bibhu D. Baral and J. P. Das; 10. Japanese conception of and research on human intelligence Tatsuya Sato, Hiroshi Namiki, Juko Ando and Giyoo Hatano; 11. Diligence makes people smart: Chinese perspectives on intelligence Jiannong Shi; 12. Similar thoughts under different stars: conceptions of intelligence in Australia Lazar Stankov; 13. Being intelligent with Zimbabweans: a historical and contemporary view Elias Mpofu; 14. Intelligence research in Latin America Ricardo Rosas; 15. North American approaches to intelligence Robert Sternberg; 16. Human intelligence: from local models to universal theory Andreas Demetriou and Timothy C. Papadopoulos.


'For the scholar and researcher in the field, this book provides a useful, detailed and historical background to the concept of intelligence and intelligence testing, as well as current research.' South African Journal of Psychology
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