Intercultural Experience and Education

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November 2002



This book explores the educational significance of intercultural experience. It offers a broader conception of interculturality than commonly found in the area of foreign language teaching. It aims to encourage dialogue and interchange across this range, and beyond, to stimulate thinking about the educational value of intercultural experience.


The editors are all members of the School of Education, University of Durham, interested in interdisciplinary approaches to intercultural experience. Geof Alred is a counsellor and counsellor trainer. His research interests include language in therapy, mentoring, and intercultural experience, in particular student residence abroad.; Mike Byram studied languages and literature before becoming interested in the intercultural dimension of language education and ultimately in educational experience beyond the classroom.; Mike Fleming is Director of Initial Teacher Training. His research interests include the teaching of English and drama and in particular the use of drama as a form of intercultural education.


This book is recommended for learners, professionals and researchers in the fields of intercultural communication and language education as well as the wider academic area of cultural studies.Masakazu Iino, Language & Education Vol 18 No 2, 2004This edited volume provides rich and engaging accounts of being "intercultural" and offers pedagogical insights into intercultural education in a variety of contexts.Jeeoweon Shin, Language Awareness Vol 13 No 2, 2004The book in its entirety, as well as selections of Chapters, is appropriate reading for undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as teacher education programmes.Carla Chamberlain Quinlisk, International Journal of bilingual Education & Bilingualism Vol 7 No 4, 2004
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