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This guide includes a section detailing Switzerland's history, nine features covering aspects of the country's life and culture, ranging from its rich artistic heritage to its Alpine activities, a region by region visitor's guide to the sights, and a comprehensive travel tips section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. It also includes hundreds of photographs and 20 maps.


Maps: Switzerland; Bern; Bernese Oberland; The West; Geneva; Lake Geneva; The Valais; The Ticino; Lugano; The Southeast; Zurich; Around Zurich; The Northeast; Basel; The Jura; Luzern; Luzern Lowlands; Inner Switzerland. Introduction: A Magnet for Myths. History: Decisive Dates; Beginnings; Swiss Confederation; The Reformation; The Making of Modern Switzerland. Essay Features: The Swiss; The Arts; Food and Wine; Flora and Fauna; Lakes and Mountains; Outdoor Adventure. Places: Introduction: The Bernese Oberland; The West; Lake Geneva; The Valais; The Ticino; The Southeast; Zurich; The Northeast; Basel; The Jura; Luzern Lowlands; Inner Switzerland. Photo Features: Country Life; Architecture; Alpine Railways; Tourism. Information Panels: William Tell; Voltaire's Theatre; The Red Cross; Language; Cheese; The Cresta Run; Sherlock Holmes; Home of the UN; The Matterhorn; Romansch; Herd-painting; Charles the Bold. Travel Tips Highlights: Getting Acquainted; Planning the Trip; Practical Tips; Getting Around; Where to Stay; Where to Eat; Culture; Shopping; Outdoor Activities; Language; Further Reading.


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