Infrastructure for Poor People: Public Policy for Private Provision

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März 2003



During the last two decades many governments have allowed private companies to offer infrastructure services which were previously provided only by state-owned businesses. In some cases they have privatized state-owned business and in others, they have permitted private firms to invest in and operate those businesses under lease contracts or long-term concessions. In still other instances, private firms have been allowed to compete alongside former government monopolists.'Infrastructure for Poor People' examines the data on infrastructure and the poor in developing countries, and discusses how policies, centered on private provision, can address their needs. It focuses on the design of government policy for the provision of infrastructure services by private firms, highlighting the rules determining which firms can sell infrastructure services, the prices they can charge, the quality of service they must offer, and any subsidies provided by the government.


Private Infrastructure and the Poor: Increasing Access - Universal Service: Empirical Evidence on the Provision of Infrastructure Services to Rural and Poor Rural Consumers - Infrastructure Coverage and the Poor: A Global Perspective - Measuring the Impact of Energy Interventions on the Poor - An Illustration from Guatemala - Impact on Market Structure on Service Options for the Poor - Regulating Infrastructure for the Poor: Perspectives on Regulatory System Design - Regulating of the Quality of Infrastructure Services - In Developing Countries - Lifeline or Means-Testing? Electric Utility Subsidies in Honduras
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