Information, Media and Power Through the Ages

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Juni 2001



Essays by historians on information, media and power from ancient times to the present day. They are all based on papers read at the Irish Conference of Historians meeting at Cork in 1999.


Introduction, Hiram Morgan; the ideology of information in the Greek polis, Sian Lewis; news and information in the papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt, B.C. McGing; the transmission of Latin learning in early mediaeval Ireland, Thomas O'Loughlin; lay incursion into official religion in the Christ and the doctors mystery plays, Anthony G. Corbett; the Huguenot diaspora - refugee networks of power, Charles C. Ludington; the birth of bureaucracy in revolutionary France, Ralph Kingston; Leonard MacNally (1752-1820) - playwright, barrister, United Irishman and informer, Thomas Bartlett; the improvement of communication in international freight markets, c.1830-70, Yrjo Kaukiainen; print, politics and Protestantism in an imperial context - New Zealand, c.1769-1870, Tony Ballantyne; informing empire and nation - publicity, propaganda and the press, 1880-1920, C.A. Bayly; media and power -Charles Stewart Parnell's 1880 mission to North America, Alan O'Day; the archives of the Irish folklore collection and folk historiography of Bliain na bhFrancach, Guy Beiner; the view from Merrion Square - the American Embassy in Ireland, 1956-66, Gary Murphy; development of the parliamentary press lobby in modern Ireland, John Horgan; intelligence and the Cold War, Christopher Andrew; communication and political power in the thought of Jurgen Habermas, Allen Bass.


"a series of papers read before the 24th Irish Conference of Historians held in University College Cork, is a feast. It encompasses the cares of the first two books and shows yet again how little under the sun is genuinely new." Books Ireland Feb 2003
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