India and Pakistan: The First Fifty Years

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Leading specialists on South Asia assess the progress and problems of India and Pakistan, their foreign and defense policies, and their relations with the United States.


Introduction Selig S. Harrison, Paul H. Kreisberg and Dennis Kux; Part I. India: 1. Politics: democratic progress and problems Paul Brass; 2. Economics: much achieved, much to achieve John Adams; 3. Society: growth and inequity Sonalde Desai and Katharine Sreedhar; Part II. Pakistan: 4. Politics: a nation still in the making Robert LaPorte Jr; 5. Economics: misplaced priorities, missed opportunities Marvin Weinbaum; 6. Society: progress and challenges Anita Weiss; Part III. Foreign and Security Policy: 7. India: policies past and future Sumit Ganguly; 8. Pakistan: fifty years of insecurity Thomas Thornton; 9. The US India, and Pakistan: retrospect and prospect Stephen Philip Cohen.


'The book is an excellent reader on South Asian affairs, especially for anyone with a particular interest in one of the two states but with less knowledge of the other. it is also a fine resume of developments over the first fifty years and can thus be strongly recommended as an acquisition for any South Asia collection.' International Quarterly for Asian Studies
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