Incentives and Choice in Health Care

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Juli 2008



Leading scholars in the field of health economics evaluate the role of incentives in health and health-care decision making from the perspectives of both supply and demand.


Frank Sloan is J. Alexander McMahon Professor of Health Policy and Management and Professor of Economics at Duke University. A leader in the field of health economics for more than thirty years, he is coauthor of The Price of Smoking (2004) and Medical Malpractice (2008) and coeditor of Incentives and Choices in Health Care (2008), all published by the MIT Press. Hirschel Kasper is Professor of Economics at Oberlin College.


"Controversy over the modern medical malpractice system has raged ever since the first malpractice crisis took place in 1975, but it is only during the past few years that empirical studies have generated the data that are necessary to produce an accurate understanding of how the system works. Frank Sloan and Lindsey Chepke pull these data into a comprehensive picture in this book, and unlike many other commentators, they do so with commendable objectivity... it is a scholarly masterpiece and is easily the definitive work on its subject." New England Journal of Medicine "The monograph by Sloan and Kasper is an exhaustive review of the theory and evidence on the role of incentives in decision-making in the health-care sector suitable for a vast public including students, researchers, health-care stakeholders and decision-makers." Francesco Paolucci and Przemyslaw M. Sowa The Economic Society of America
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