In The Shelter Of His Wings

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Januar 2004



One of the most encouraging metaphors for divine love is that of finding shelter under the protection of God's wings. On every page of this uplifting gift book, Wright's gentle artwork tenderly reminds readers that God cares not only for the birds of the air but so much more for His children.


The delicate artwork of Carolyn Shores Wright appears on collector's plates and prints, needlework patterns, cards, clothing designs, and in the books Abundance of the Heart and Beneath His Wings. Carolyn particularly enjoys painting birds.


I take refuge in the shelter of your wings.
EAN: 9780736913386
ISBN: 0736913386
Untertitel: Resting in God's Tender Care. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Harvest House Publishers,U.S.
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2004
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