Immersion Education: International Perspectives

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The wide range of languages and purposes now served by immersion worldwide is illustrated by case studies of thirteen programs.


1 Immersion: A Category within Bilingual Education; SECTION 1 IMMERSION IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE; 2 Immersion in Eastern Europe: A Hungarian EFL Experiment; 3 Benowa High: A Decade of French Immersion in Australia; SECTION 2 IMMERSION FOR MAJORITY LANGUAGE STUDENTS IN A MINORITY LANGUAGE; 4 Late, Late Immersion, or Discipline-based Second Language Teaching at the University of Ottawa; 5 Immersion in Finland in the 1980s: A State of Development and Expansion; SECTION 3 IMMERSION FOR LANGUAGE REVIVAL; 6 Indigenous Language Immersion in Hawaii: A Case Study of Kula Kaiapuni Hawaii; SECTION IV Immersion for Language Support; 7 The Catalan Immersion Program; 8 Reflections on Immersion Education in the Basque Country; SECTION V IMMERSION IN A LANGUAGE OF POWER; 9 The Hong Kong Education System: Late Immersion Under Stress; 10 Immersion in Singapore Preschools; 11 The Molteno Project: A Case Study of Immersion for English-Medium Instruction in South Africa; SECTION 6 LESSONS FROM EXPERIENCE AND NEW DIRECTIONS; 12 Lessons from U.S. Immersion Programs: Two Decades of Experience; 13 Innovations in Immersion: The Key School Two-Way Bilingual Model; 14 From Semantic to Syntactic Processing: How Can We Promote It in the Immersion Classroom?
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