Ian Fleming and James Bond: The Cultural Politics of 007

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April 2005



Shaken, not stirred--cultural critics look at the many faces of 007 and his creator.


I The subject is BondFleming's Company Man: James Bond and the management of modernism - Edward P. Comentale; "Alimnetary, Dr Leiter": Anal anxiety in Diamonds are forever - Dennis W. Allen; Lesbian Bondage, or why dykes like 007 - Jaime Hovey; James Bond, Cyborg-Aristocrat - Patrick O'DonnellII Ian Fleming and styleLiving the James Bond lifestyle - Judith Roof; James Bond, Meta-brand - Aaron Jaffe; The Bond market - Craig N. OwensIII Ian Fleming and the global imaginaryBond and Britishness - James Chapman; Shoot back in anger: Bond and the "Angry Young Man" - Brian Patton; Tropical Bond - Vivian Halloran; The Kennedys, Fleming and Cuba: Bond's Foreign Policy - Skip Williams; Wanting to be James Bond - Alexis AlbionIV Structure of feelingWhy size matters - Christoph Linder; 007 and 9/11, spectres and structures of feeling - Stephen Watt


Edward P. Comentale, Assistant Professor of English at Indiana University, is author of Masses in Relation: Art and Politics in Avant-garde England, 1909 1915. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana.Stephen Watt is Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Indiana University, and author of Postmodern/Drama: Reading the Contemporary Stage and Joyce, O Casey, and the Irish Popular Theater. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana.Skip Willman is Assistant Professor of English at the University of South Dakota. He lives in Vermillion, South Dakota."


"This is a compelling and important book ... [that] makes a significant contribution not only to studies of Bond and Ian Fleming but also to studies of popular culture in general." --Michael Berube
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