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You don't have to have a degree in computer science to enjoy this uniquecollection of funny stories, parodies, laughable true-life incidents, comic songlyrics, and jokey poems from the world of computing. Humour the Computer bringstogether a selection of some of the best computer-related humorous material culledfrom a variety of sources: news groups and FTP sites on the Internet, The NewYorker, Punch, New Scientist, BYTE, Datamation, Communications of the ACM, TheJournal of Irreproducible Results, and many more. Among other topics, the 70-oddassorted writings embrace the impact of computing on our lives, hilarious hardware, silly software, first encounters with computing, computer companies that we love, programming pains, and absurd academia.


Moby Dick 2.1, Kenneth M. Sheldon; a standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers, David Waitzman; a problem in the making, Darryl Rubin; how I bought my first computer, Larry R. Custead; BOFH (part 1), Simon Travaglia; the generic word processor, Philip Schrodt; natural upgrade path, Christopher Lishka; the case of the bogus expert (part 1), Kris Hammond; ordinary people tell how they use their personal computers, Lucinda Luongo; I am the very model of a genius comptuational, Jonathan R. Partington; Zork, RAMS and the curse of Ra - computo, ergo sum, Curt Suplee; laptop Colombo puts Campbell in the soup, Lai See; masters of computer science, Lindsay Marshall; you'd better love your BLANK computer - the generic computer book, Duncan Mackenzie; Shakespeare on programming, Michael A. Covington; evil aliens control IBM, Freddy Smarm; mother should have warned you!, Paul Bonner; BOFH (part 2), Simon Travaglia; latest sun and IBM announcements, Chuck Musciano; twelve ways to fool the masses when giving performance results on parallel computers, David H. Bailey; the case of the bogus expert (part 2), Kris Hammond; real programmers don't use Pascal, Ed Post; gateway to heaven, Eileen Tronolone; Zen and the art of software documentation, W.C. Carlson; the unix philosophy, anonymous; field replacable mouse balls, anonymous; babbage - the language of the future, Tony Karp; Gulliver's computer, Jonathan Swift; "Uncle Bill" is in the driver's seat!, anonymous; to my darling husband, anonymous; computer-based predictive writing, Peter J. Denning; making your serviceman feel welcome, anonymous; man, bytes, dog, James Gorman; microsloshed walls, Trygve Lode; the tin men, Michael Frayn; a users view from the trailing edge, William E. Kost; Lisp - they may also serve, who decline to enlist, Robert M. Baer; the case of the bogus expert (part 3), Kris Hammond; alternatives to OSI, Jock C. St. Martin; a salutory tale of software development, anonymous; you get what you pay for?, Stephen Manes; you can't fool 'em down on the farm!, anonymous; BOFH (part 3), Simon Travaglia; ADA - the devil's work, Herman Higgins; netmail spreads common cold, Craig Milo Rogers; I know what's wrong with my computer!, anonymous; what is technical harassment?, Rick Fadler; I'm just a two-bit programmer on a 16-bit machine, David S. Platt; if architects had to work like programmers, J. David Ruggiero; VAX and IBM, anonymous; the Australian fifth degeneration project, Lee Naish; an ancient rope-and-pulley comptuer is unearthed in the jungle of Apraphul, A.K. Dewdney; the Vaxorcist, Christopher Russell; small ads, Lindsay Marshall; la boite bleue, William A. Rennie; the difference between hardware and software, anonymous; user friendly? you must be joking, Dan Greenberg; a day in the life of a network manager, Larry R. Custead; the complexity of songs, Donald E. Knuth; write in C, anonymous; a simplified guide to hardware maintenance, David H. Ahl. (Part contents).
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