Human Cloning

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Oktober 2001



These essays address the complex moral, ethical, and political issues that infuse the debate.


"MacKinnon provides a lucid general introduction based on a conference. Then, three scientists, three philosophers, two law professors, and one political scientist grapple with the issues. Coverage is clear, fair, and reasonably balanced, ranging from 'why not?' to 'never, and why not?'" -- Choice "This collection is a useful introduction to the cloning debate. It is distinguished from its competitors ... mainly by its valuable contributions on the science of cloning." -- Neil Levy, Metapsychology On-Line "[These essays] focus attention on the scientific, ethical, and public policy aspects of human cloning, primarily in the reproductive sphere... Everyone who reads this book will find something that pleases and something that raises their hackles... Well suited for the university classroom and the philosopher's bookshelf." -- Margaret R. McLean, Religious Studies Review ADVANCE PRAISE "An excellent compilation of essays by a number of leading scholars in the field. Human Cloning is a valuable contribution to the literature." -- Jeffrey R. Botkin, editor of Access to the Genome: The Challenge to Equality
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