History of Italian Art, Volume I

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Published in two volumes, "History of Italian Art provides a major history of Italian Art from antiquity to the present day. A distinguished group of cultural historians provide a comprehensive account of Italian "art" in the wider sense, examining not only painting and sculpture, but also photography and iconography, restorations and fakes, landscapes and writing.


List of Illustration. Publisher's Note. Preface by Peter Burke. 1. The Italian Artist and his Roles: Peter Burke. 2. Centre and Periphery: Enrico Castelnuovo and Carlo Ginzburg. 3. Italian Art and the Art of Antiquity: Nicole Dacos. 4. The Dispersal and Conservation of Art-historical Property: Francis Haskell. 5. The Public Reception of Art: Anna Maria Mura. Index.


"These well-chosen essays provide a comprehensive overview of Italian art." The Art Book Review "Very useful essays ... and all of them could be readily set for undergraduate and graduate reading." The Oxford Art Journal
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