History After the Three Worlds: Post-Eurocentric Historiographies

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November 2000



This ambitious volume provides a comparative perspective on the challenges facing the discipline of history as Eurocentrism fades as a lens for viewing the world. Exploring the state of history and the struggle over its ownership throughout the world, the authors address the issues of globalization, postmodernism, and postcolonialism that have been largely ignored by practicing historians despite their importance to cultural studies and their relevance to history. Engaging in a vigorous critique of Eurocentrism, the volume at the same time reaffirms the importance of historical ways of knowing.


Part 1 Part I: The End of Eurocentrism? Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Is there History after Eurocentism? Globalism, Postcolonialism, and the Disavowal of History Chapter 4 Archeologists and Historians Confront Civilization, Relativism, and Poststructuralism in the Late Twentieth Century Part 5 Part II: Area Perspectives Chapter 6 Historiography in Southwest Asian and North African Studies since Sa'id'sOrientalism, 1978 Chapter 7 Situating and Rethinking Subaltern Studies for Writing Working Class History Chapter 8 Reversals, Ironies, Hegemonies: Notes on the Contemporary Historiography of Modern China Chapter 9 Conflict and Connection: Rethinking Colonial African History Chapter 10 The Promise and Dilemma of Subaltern Studies: Perspectives from Latin American History Part 11 Part III: History at A(nother) Crossroads Chapter 12 Is World History Possible? Chapter 13 Whither History? Encounters with Historicism, Postmodernism, Postcolonialism


Arif Dirlik is professor of history at University of Oregon. Vinay Bahl is associate professor of sociology at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Peter Gran is professor of history at Temple University.


This book is invaluable. Labor History
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