He Pitopito Korero No Te Perehi Maori: Readings from the Maori-Language Press

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Juni 2006



This anthology reproduces full-length news articles, letters, advertisements, and obituaries from 19th-century Maori-language newspapers alongside their English-language translations. An excellent resource for students of the Maori language and culture, Polynesian anthropology and sociology, and New Zealand's colonial history, this collection represents a range of views and experiences of the social, cultural, and political concerns of an indigenous people during New Zealand's early colonial period.


Jenifer Curnow is a librarian and researcher in the Maori studies department at the University of Auckland. She has published many articles on Maori-related topics and a number of bibliographies of Maori tribal material. Jane McRae is a member of the the Maori studies department at the University of Aukland. She has published the results of a number of research projects on Maori literature, language, and history commissioned by the New Zealand Department of Maori Affairs and the Maori Land Court. They are the coeditors of "Nga Moteatea: The Songs" and" Rere Atu Taku Manu: Discovering History, Language, and Politics in the Maori Language Newspapers."
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