Groups of Lie Type and Their Geometries

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November 2004



This book contains papers presented at the 1993 Como meeting on groups of Lie type and their geometries. Themes represented here include: subgroups of finite and algebraic groups, buildings and other geometries associated to groups of Lie type or Coxeter groups, generation, and applications. This book will be a necessary addition to the library of all researchers in group theory and related areas.


1. Representations of groups on finite simplical complexes Michael Aschbacker; 2. Coxeter groups and matroids Alexandre V. Borovik and K. Sian Roberts; 3. Finite groups and geometries Francis Buckenhout; 4. Groups acting simply transitively on the vertices of a building of type A Donald I. Cartwright; 5. Finite simple subgroups of semisimple complex Lie groups - a survey Arjeh M. Cohen and David B. Wales; 6. Flag-transitive extensions of buildings of type G2 and C3 Hans Cuypers; 7. Disconnected linear groups and restrictions of representations Ben Ford; 8. Products of conjugacy classes in algebraic groups and generators of dense subgroups Nikolai L. Gordeev; 9. Monodromy groups of polynomials Robert M. Guralnick and Jan Sazl; 10. Subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups Martin Lieback and Gary M. Seitz; 11. The geometry of traces in Ree octagons H. Van Maldeghem; 12. Small rank exceptional Hurwitz groups Gunter Malle; 13. The direct sum problem for Chamber systems Antonio Pasini; 14. Embeddings and hyperplanes of Lie incidence geometry Ernest E. Shult; 15. Intermediate subgroups in Chevalley groups Nikolai Vavilov; 16. Economical generating sets for finite simple groups John S. Wilson.
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