Graphic Design History

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Juni 2001



In this groundbreaking anthology, 70 legendary writers explore the unique developments, notable people, and memorable trends that defined the world of graphic design. Includes rare, never-before published essays and interviews. A fascinating journey!


Steven Heller is a senior art director at the New York Times, editor of the AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, and chair of the graduate design program at the School of Visual Arts. The recipient of the 1999 AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement, he is the author or editor of more than 70 books on graphic design, including Graphic Design Time Line, Texts on Type, Sex Appeal, The Swastika, Design Dialogues, The Education of a Graphic Designer, Design Literacy, Design Literacy (continued), Design Culture, Looking Closer 3, Looking Closer 2, and Looking Closer, all published by Allworth Press. He lives in New York. Georgette Balance headed the Lubalin Study Center at Cooper Union in New York, where she curated the traveling exhibition "Paul Rand." She is a frequent lecturer on the history of graphic design and currently teaches at Cooper Union and in Florida.
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