Governing Insecurity: Democratic Control of Military and Security Establishments in Transitional Democracies

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April 2003



The authors of this volume explore the challenges of establishing democratic accountability and control over the military and other security establishments in countries which have either been the victims of authoritarian military rule or wracked by violent internal conflict. The book examines both successful democratic transitions and failed ones. A wide range of cases is covered, including Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierre Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. The possible role of regional interventions and institutions, notably in West Africa and the Balkans, is also examined.


PART 1: INTRODUCTION 1. Democratic Strategies for Security in Transition and Conflict - Robin Luckham PART 2: DEMOCRATIC CONTROL AND SECURITY SECTOR TRANSFORMATION IN TRANSITIONAL DEMOCRACIES 2. Security Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa - Gavin Cawthra 3. Nigeria: Options For Civil-Military Relations in a Democratizing Polity - J. Kayode Fayemi 4. Ghana: Pulling Back from the Brink - Eboe Hutchful 5. Between Autonomy and Subordination: Government-Military Relations in Chile - Patricio Silva 6. Political Armies, Security Forces and Democratic Consolidation in Latin America - Kees Koonings PART 3: DEMOCRATIC CONTROL AND SECURITY SECTOR TRANSFORMATION IN CONFLICT-TORN SOCIETIES 7. Democratization and its Enemies: The Algerian Transition to Authoritarianism - Frederic Volpi 8. Conflict, Military Formations and Democratic Governance in Sri Lanka - Jagath P. Senaratne 9. Security Structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mary Kaldor 10. Sierra Leone: The Legacies of Authoritarianism and Political Violence - Comfort Ero 11. A Failing State: The Democratic Republic of Congo - Roger Kibasomba 12. The Balkans: The Dangers of Democratization amidst Insecurity - Susan L. Woodward PART 4: CONCLUSION 13. Democratic Control and the Security Sector: The Scope for Transformation and Its Limits - Gavin Cawthra and Robin Luckham


PROFESSOR GAVIN CAWTHRA is director of the Centre for Defence and Security Management, University of Witwatersrand. DR ROBIN LUCKHAM is one of the UK's foremost authors on the military and a post-retirement research associate at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. His previous books include The Nigerian Military (Cambridge University Press, 1971) and, with Gordon White, Democratization in the South (Manchester University Press, 1996). The contributors include MARY KALDOR.

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