Giving Well, Doing Good: Readings for Thoughtful Philanthropists

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Januar 2008



Explores the enterprise of philanthropy - its assumptions, aspirations, and achievements. This work brings together key texts that can provide guidance to donors, trustees and professional staff of foundations, and leaders of nonprofit organizations. It seek to illuminate fundamental questions about the idea and practice of philanthropy.


Introduction; 1. Goals and Intentions; 2. Gifts, Donors, Recipients; Grants, Grantors, Grantees; 3. Bequests and Legacies; 4. Effectiveness; 5. Accountability; 6. Philanthropic Leadership


Amy A. Kass is Senior Lecturer in the Humanities Collegiate Division at the University of Chicago. She is editor of The Perfect Gift: The Philanthropic Imagination in Poetry and Prose (IUP, 2002); American Lives: Cultural Differences, Individual Distinction; and Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar: Readings on Courting and Marrying (with Leon Kass).


"Anything Amy Kass puts her mind to will be valuable to those of us who have learned so much from her previous work in civic reflection and philanthropy. I find her style provocative and challenging, but her work is always solid and well-grounded." Paul Pribbenow, President, Rockford College "I have been impressed with the work of Amy Kass. The Perfect Gift, her earlier anthology, is a marvelous and stimulating resource for dialogue and conversation. I find this new resource exciting and useful." William G. Enright, Lake Family Institute on Faith and Giving
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