Gender Issues in Clinical Psychology

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April 1992



Clinical psychology has traditionally ignored gender issues. The result has been to the detriment of women both as service users and practitioners. The contributors to this book show how this has happened and explore the effects both on clients and clinicians. Focusing on different aspects of clinical psychology's organisation and practice, including child sexual abuse, family therapy, forensic psychology and individual feminist therapy, they demonstrate that it is essential that gender issues are incorporated into clinical research and practice, and offer examples of theory and practice which does not marginalise the needs of women.


Gender issues in the organization of clinical psychology, Paula Nicolson; science sexing psychology; positivistic science and gender bias in clinical psychology, Jane M. Ussher; from social abuse to social action: a neighbourhood psychotherapy and social action project for women, Sue Holland; consultation: a model for inter-agency work, Ann Peake; mad or just plain bad: gender and the work of forensic clinical psychologists, Jan Burns; working with families, Arlene Vetere; masculine ideology and psychological therapy, Stephen Frosch; working with socially disabled clients: a feminist perspective; Rachel E. Perkins; feminism, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, Janet Sayers; feminist practice in therapy, Gilli Watson and Jennie Williams.
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