Gender, Development, and Diversity

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Juni 2004



Each one of us lives life as a carrier of multiple identities -- including gender, race, class, and age. All these add up to determine our opportunities in life, to empower or disempower us, depending on our context.


Editorial; Caroline Sweetman; Organisational strategy in India and diverse identities of women: bridging the gap; Ranjani K.Murthy; When sharing female identity is not enough: coalition building in the midst of political polarisation in Zimbabwe; Everjoice J. Win; Microfinance from the point of view of women with disabilities: lessons from Zabia and Zimbabwe; Cindy Lewis; Gender, identity, and diversity: learning from insights gained in transformative gender training; Dorine Plantenga; Promoting cultural diversity and the rights of women: the dilemmas in 'intersectionality' for development organisations; Liesbeth van der Hoogte and Koos Kingma; Diversity in Oxfam GB: engaging the head and turning the heart; Bimla Ojelay-Surtees; Poverty reduction policy responses to gender and social diversity in Uganda; Dereje Wordofa; Empowerment through activism: responding to domestic violence in the South Asian community in London; Aisha Gill and Gulshun Rehman; Resources; Compiled by Erin Leigh; Publications; Journals; Electronic resources; Briefing papers and tools; Organisations; Conferences
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Untertitel: 'Oxfam Focus on Gender'. Sprache: Englisch.
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