Gender and Technology

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November 1999



The delivery of new technologies to communities in developing countries has been hailed as the key to economic and social progress. However, womens' experiences show that this view is an exaggeration, over-simplifying the potential of technology to deliver development. Different technologies in varying social contexts offer opportunities to challenge existing barriers to economic and political participation, but they can also be used to consolidate existing imbalances of power. This collection of articles from Gender and Development considers technologies of many kinds, including those intended to save womens labour, to enable them to control their fertility and to learn and communicate using computer technology. Writers include Radhika Gajjala and Annapurna Mamidipudi, Heather Schreiner and Maggie Foster.


* Editorial; Caroline Sweetman; * Cyberfeminism, technology and international 'development'; Radhika, Gajjala and Annapurna Mamidipudi; * Supporting the invisible technologists: the IDTG approach; Maggie Foster; * Marketing treadle pumps to women farmers in India, the IDE India experience; Maya Prabhu; * Reproductive health technology and gender: is participation the key? Katie Chapman and Gill Gordon; * Rural development and women: What are the best approaches to communicating information? Joyce A. Otsyina and Diana Rosenberg; * Skilled craftswomen or cheap labour? Craft-based NGO projectsas an alternative to female urban migration in northern Thailand; Rachel Humphreys; * Rural women, development, and telecomunications: A pilot programme in South Africa; Heather Schreiner; * The denigration of women in Malawian radio commercials; Charles Chilimampunga; * Resources; * Books and papers; * Journals; * Organisations; * Internet resources; * Electronic discussion groups


Caroline Sweetman is Editor of the international journal Gender & Development and works for Oxfam GB.
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