Gender and Imperialism

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This book marks an important new intervention into a vibrant area of scholarship, creating a dialogue between the histories of imperialism and of women and gender. By engaging critically with both traditional British imperial history and colonial discourse analysis, the essays demonstrate how feminist historians can play a central role in creating new histories of British imperialism. Chronologically, the focus is on the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries, while geographically the essays range from the Caribbean to Australia and span India, Africa, Ireland and Britain itself. Topics explored include the question of female agency in imperial contexts, the relationships between feminism and nationalism, and questions of sexuality, masculinity and imperial power.


Gender and imperialism - mapping the connections, Clare Midgley. Part 1 Impositions and impacts: age of consent and hegemonic social reform, Himani Bannerji; white women and colonialism - a non-recuperative history, Jane Haggis. Part 2 Reactions and resistance: Indian Christian women and indigenous feminism, Padma Anagol; national liberation movements and the question of women's liberation - the Irish experience, Margaret Ward; Australian frontier feminism and the marauding white man, Marilyn Lake; taking liberties - enslaved women and anti-slavery in the Caribbean, Hilary McD. Beckles. Part 3 The empire at home: anti-slavery and the roots of "imperial feminism", Clare Midgley; going-a-trolloping - imperial man travels the empire, Catherine Hall; Britain's conscience on Africa - white women, race and imperial politics in inter-war Britain, Barbara Bush.


Clare Midgley is Senior Lecturer in History at Staffordshire University.
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