Gender and Health: A Global Sourcebook

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November 2006



Despite decades of work to address the gender-based causes of ill health, women are still dying needlessly and in large numbers. Will current initiatives to improve women's health succeed in meeting the targets prescribed in the Millennium Development Goals by 2015?


Introduction: Gender and Health-Anke van der Kwaak and Jashodhara Dasgupta; 1) Engendering communicable disease policy and practice: experiences from Malawi-Bertha Simwaka Nhlema, Ireen Makwiza, Lifah Sanudi, Patnice Nkhonjera and Sally Thoebald; 2) Tackling tradition: examining successful strategies in the mitigation of female genital mutilation in Ethiopian communities-Sehin Tefeera; 3) Teaching young people on health and reproductive and sexual rights: the Argentinian experience-Mabel Bianco; 4) Men, gender equity and HIV/AIDS prevention, with case studies from South African and Brazil-Miriam Zoll; 5) Local responses to HIV/AIDS from a gender perspective-Madeleen Wegelin-Schuringa; 6) Stigma, discrimination and violence amongst female sex workers and men who have sex with men in Andhra Pradesh, India-Fiona Samuels, Ravi K. Verma and C.K. George; Annotated Bibliography; Author index; Subject index; Geographical index; Web Resources.


Minke Valk is an Information Specialist specialized in information on Gender; Governance and Health;. She has been involved in e-publications on several development related issues and has a lot of experience in literature searches. Minke also has editor experience in the production of printed as well as electronic material on different development related subjects incl. health, decentralization, sector wide approaches, theatre and development and gender training. Sarah Cumming is Senior Consultant at CDC. Sarah is a founder editor and co-Chief Editor of the open access, peer reviewed Knowledge Management for Development Journal. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Hivos and of the Editorial Board of the journal, Development in Practice. Henk van Dam is human geographer of developing countries and specialized in information on rural decentralization, governance and equal opportunities. He has also been involved in e-publications on micro credit and other socio-economic matters
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