Gender and Emotion: Social Psychological Perspectives

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A fascinating exploration of the relationship between gender and emotion.


Part I. Cultural, Gender and Emotional Beliefs: 1. Thinking about gender, thinking about theory Stephanie A. Shields; 2. The socialisation of gender differences in emotional expression Leslie R. Brody; 3. Men's and women's lay theories of emotion Vanda L. Zammuner; 4.The relationship between gender and emotions in different cultures Agneta H. Fischer and Anton S. R. Manstead; Part II. Emotion Expression and Communication: 5. Gender differences in nonverbal communication of emotion Judy A. Hall, Jason D. Carter and Terrence G. Horgan; 6. Gender and smiling: a meta-analysis Marianne LaFrance and Marvin Hecht; 7. Sex differences in crying Ad Vingerhoets and Jan Scheirs; 8. Masculine identity and restrictive emotionality Jeroen Jansz; Part III. Distinct Emotions: 9. Women, men and positive emotions Michele G. Alexander and Wendy Wood; 10. Gender and anger Ann Kring; 11. Gender, sadness and depression Robyn Fivush and Janine P. Buckner; 12. Engendering gender differences in shame and guilt Tamara J. Ferguson and Heidi L. Eyre; 13. Sex differences in anxiety and depression Tracey E. Madden, Lisa Feldman Barrett and Paula R. Pietromonaco; Part IV. Epilogue: Gender and emotion: notes from a grateful tourist Kay Deaux.


"the authors unravel sex difference findings, deconstruct common gender myths about emotionality, and look to the broader social, political, economic, and historical contexts for guidance, all of which make the text both theoretically rich and feminist in its perspective and potential applications...a solid, empirical and theoretical work. Emotion theorists and gender theorists alike will find much to think about in this edited volume. The new data presented and the careful, critical reviews of past work will become valued references for scholars in both fields." Psychology of WOmen Quarterly, 25 (2001)
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